Core Values

Core Principles

Administration – to apply vigilant, diligent, and efficient mission-centered business practices in guiding all club affairs, and to attempt to make the playing opportunity accessible to qualified players desiring BSC's NFC Select experience.

Leadership – to employ and train coaches of personal integrity and strong coaching ability in the NFC approach to player and team development and competition performance.

Education – to incorporate a comprehensive program emphasizing maximum development of skill, soccer intelligence, fitness, competition character, team roles and relationships, and life lessons pertaining to academic performance, and responsible and accountable personal conduct in the community.

Communication – to convey timely information and promote consistent, personal relationships among all club personnel through appropriate mediums. (administration, coaches, parents and players)

Teamwork – to develop cooperative relationships within the club in order to have roles performed and responsibilities fulfilled on behalf of the players and teams.

Core Principles

Core Values

Perspective – Soccer is a game; a game that is enjoyed most when it is played well; and is an educational experience that teaches life lessons

Relationships – Fair, considerate, and respectful interactions with concern for the value, growth, and contribution of each team member.

Environment – Organized in a manner that provides an instructional and inspirational atmosphere, in training and competition, and encourages players to reach for new heights of development and achievement.

Skill – Player enjoyment, contribution, and achievement, are in direct proportion to the range and refinement levels, of skills able to be used in competition.

Concepts – Thorough knowledge of the game is essential for making intelligent play decisions, and for building high quality team play.

Conditioning – The foundation for developing the fitness level to meet competition demands and challenges, as well as for building lifetime habits of personal health.

Character – Demonstration of rich personal qualities of mental and emotional balance is critical to the display of performance excellence in competition, and for meeting challenges in all areas of life.

Teamwork – Cooperative performance of roles and responsibilities improves team play, highlights individual significance and contribution, enhances relationships, and increases the value of the experience for all team members.

Academics – Discipline and performance in the classroom are important in the development of the whole person.

Conduct – Playing privileges are granted to individuals that display responsible conduct consistent with standards for good citizenship, on the field, at school, and in the community, and that reflects well on their families, and the club.

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